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AZ Music Lyrics :: Rap Lyrics :: T.I.

T.I. Lyrics

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Review about T.I.

OMG T.I | Reviewer: Tamara Mcleod | 06/16/09

T.I is COOl haha He Has Awshome Music iguess lol

OMG T.I | Reviewer: Paulette Mcivor | 06/16/09

T.I He Rocks I Like his Songs and yeah dats all i wanted to say haha Chimak Ay?

cool | Reviewer: Olivia | 09/25/09

you guess T.I is a lyrical God better than most rappers alive he sick no better yet ill wit it

t.i is the truth from brian hurt | Reviewer: brian tip hurt | 12/07/09

wats up t.i is the king of the south and bankhead cant know beat him in flowing he;s the greatest ok so step off haters.

KING | Reviewer: www.myspace.com/trueplayerstg | 01/15/10

t.i. is the best there ever was..ever would be ..and ever will be hahahahah yo niggas think lil wayne go hard lil wayne rap about what he want and wish to do mannnnn T.I. already did everything he rap about

The way he sings | Reviewer: Kingsley Effiong | 04/09/10

I just love the he sings, especially when he is rapping.

Cnc | Reviewer: Celeste | 12/20/10

Bby u such gud rapper

The way he rap | Reviewer: Sikwambi Thimothy | 07/12/12

T.I. is real in rap music.........

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