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Ola! Como esta? Bien?
[Hi! How are you? Good?]

Think Spanish song lyrics and you immediately think of instruments like la guitarra, dancing to the flamenco and songs like... La Bamba!

Spanish music lyrics are gaining more and more popularity across the globe thanks in part to the meteoric rise to superstardom of such popular artists such as Enrique Iglesias, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, Ricky Martin... the list just goes on and on!

Truly nothing affects people like music and song lyrics. Imagine belting out lyrics for songs that you don't understand anyway. Come on, do you really know what the first line of the lyrics of the song La Bamba really means? All the more reason to start clicking for those spanish song lyrics because did you know that one of the best ways to learn Spanish is by (what else!) singing spanish songs? This is because unlike speech, music functions are controlled in the different parts of the brain. Call it mental exercise! So not only are you having a good time singing and dancing, you're learning too.

So what are you in the mood for? Spanish music lyrics to dance to (bring out the flamenco shoes!), song lyrics to feel romantic with (gaze lovingly into that Ricky Martin poster) or do you just want to thrash around with some pop-rock Spanish song lyrics (Shakira-style of course)?

Whatever the mood, our wide selection of free music lyrics will meet it. Annoyed with pop-ups? Hey, so are we! That's why you won't get any of those time-wasters here. Click now and start singing or dancing... the Spanish way of course!

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