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Artist (Band): Page France
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Wet Dog Afternoon Lyrics

Dear Jenna, it's a wet dog afternoon
And it smells like this just because you want it to
You feel big enough in a red cheek aftershock
And when the sinker swam you couldn't get them all to stop
You ran home, my love
When the horns began to blow
You were late again
For the constellation show
Now, you're done, my love
They won't open up the gates
So beg all you want
They warn you never to be late, babe

Now, it looks like rain for the both of us
Now, it looks like rain for all of us

Bugle lungs, you sang such a pretty song
It goes on and on
And yet it never feels too long
You feel small, my love, climbing up a yellow spine
You're not tall enough to say you've ever seen the sky
So, run home, my sweet
I've no other horns to blow
It was all a tease and we're all laughing at you now
But we're done, my love
Go and get yourself some sleep
I still love you, dear
Perhaps it gets the best of me sometimes

When it looks like you're about to cry
When it looks like you're about to cry

And it looks like you're about to cry
It looks like you're about to cry
It looks like you're about to cry

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------ Performed by Page France

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