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Artist (Band): Anberlin
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Time And Confusion Lyrics

Live for today, we'll dream tomorrow
We've got big plans in sight
We'll take this city and by nightfall
The bright lights are calling
Everything is going our way
Everything is going as we planned
This is our future from what we've heard
And I've still got your hand
And it feels like we could last forever
And I'm not doing this alone
When memories fade
We've got each other
When time and confusion collide
I hold it all when I hold you
When friends walk other ways
We've got rach other
I hold it all when I hold you
We fell on hard times
This isn't the ideal, we're
Miles from home, doing the best that we can
I won't do this without you
So take heart
Because you know that you have mine
It's not about the money we make
It's about the passions that we ache for
What makes your heart beat faster?
Tell me what does your body long after?
I don't care now where we live
It's not where, or what, or who we were with
I just need you in my life
So promise me again

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