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Artist (Band): Frank Zappa
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Satumaa (Finnish Tango) Lyrics

Frank Zappa (lead guitar, vocals)
Napoleon Murphy Brock (saxophone, vocals)
George Duke (keyboards, vocals)
Ruth Underwood (percussion)
Tom Fowler (bass)
Chester Thompson (drums)

We have now a special request

Bouilliabai, bouilliabai, bouilliabai...
Stroganoff, bouilliabai
Here we go...

No, you'd better leave the lights on, on stage
'Cause we have to read this music,
We've never played it before

Aavan meren tuolla puolen jossakin on maa,
missandauml; onnen kaukorantaan laine liplattaa.
Missandauml; kukat kauneimmat luo aina loistettaan,
siellandauml; huolet huomisen voi jandauml;andauml;dandauml; unholaan.

Oi jospa kerran sinne satumaahan kandauml;ydandauml; vois,
niin sieltandauml; koskaan landauml;htisi en linnun lailla pois.
Vaan siivetandouml;nnandauml; en voi lentandauml;andauml; vanki olen maan,
vain aatoksin mi kauas entandauml;andauml; sinne kandauml;ydandauml; saan.

Lennandauml; laulu sinne missandauml; siintandauml;andauml; satumaa,
sinne missandauml; oma armain mua odottaa.
Lennandauml; laulu sinne lailla linnun liitandauml;vandauml;n.
Kerro ettandauml; aatoksissain on vain yksin handauml;n.

Oi jospa kerran...

Translation of the first two finnish verses:

There's a land beyond the vast sea
where waves wash on the shores of happiness
where beautiful flowers always blossom
where worries of tomorrow can be forgotten

Oh if once I could go to that fairytale land
never would I leave from there like a bird
but without wings I cannot fly, I'm a prisoner of ground
only in thoughts that reach so far can I ever there be

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------ Performed by Frank Zappa

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