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Artist (Band): Alathea
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Runaway Heart Lyrics

Sin is creepin' like a snake in her direction
It's the little things he says that carry her far away
Now she aches for a friend that's familiar
Her feet hurt cause they walked her into this place
But most of the time, she feels nothing inside

She is my runaway heart, and we're both lonesome for home
It didn't happen all at once
But the wandering took me real slow
Real slow

She's not quite sure where her next meal will come from
She scrambles and she scrapes, and what is not hers she takes
Living just to survive is killing her inside


So she's a missing person who wants to be caught
Life on her own is not like she thought
If you left the 99
She wouldn't be hard to find
So rescue this runaway


About this Song:
I think that most of us who grew up in church have no trouble seeing the splinters in everyone else's eyes, but we don't know what to do with the log in our own, or even how it got there. This song is not about forsaking God in a single, big mistake, but about the series of small decisions, like choosing not to love our brother, that lead us away from the heart of God. Compassion comes when we realize that our wandering hearts are all the same, and they all need to find their way home.

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------ Performed by Alathea

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