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Artist (Band): Foreigner
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Reaction To Action Lyrics

(spoken: Yeah, one, one, one)
Yeah-hey! All right!

It's hard getting through to me
I'm truly elusive
I got my own point of view
And I'm the one of a kind
And I tell you l'il girl
I am fascinated by you
You see, there's something about you
That makes all the difference
Like the night is to day
Well I can get along without you
But I know that within you
You've got what I'm missing
And I'll find a way

To get reaction to action
Hey, say the word that would thrill me
Yeah, I need reaction to action
Just one look that would kill me

Hey, you got a way
Of drawing attention to you
You know you stand out in a crowd
But the way that you play
With any man's affections, hmmm
Should never be allowed
See I consider myself
The one who will show you
I'd go as far as to say
Girl, I ain't leaving here without you
But you better understand
There's only one rule in this game
We're gonna play

And that's reaction to action
Maybe like a word that would thrill me
I need reaction to action
One look that would kill me
Give me reaction to action
It's getting late, I'd better make a definite move
(Reaction to action) action
And after that baby, it's up to you

I need reaction to action
Just a word that would thrill me
I need reaction to action
You know what I'm talking about
Give some reaction to action
You got a look, you got a way that'll kill me
Reaction to action, reaction to action, action
Baby, don't think about it, just react
(Reaction to action) action
(Reaction to action) action
Reaction to action, reation to action, yeah-eh-eh-eh, aaah-oooh
Reaction to action, yeah
(Reaction to action) action

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