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Artist (Band): INXS
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Phantim Of The Opera Lyrics

What happened?
What happened?
I took him all my music.
Fifty pounds (fifty pounds) now
But that is ten years worth it. Ten years of my life, sir. Should be fifty pounds is more.
Am I not correcting thinking that you have never had any of your worth unimpeachmeant as a...
Petrie. (Petrie.)
No, not yet, but I say you are completely unnamed. (unnamed.)
Of course.
Every--But how many unknown composers you've never been too gladly have their words published without anything at all. Now I'm a boogie man. [echo]
No. No. That was an important symphonies. Can't do a quartet. They got the trap pulled in. And I'm not listening. And you are incomplete.
I did see you coming. Will you stand on that on the top of the stairs?
Oh dear, when I won't speak? [echo]
Yes. Black. (Black) And still they're staring at us (staring at us, staring at us) Don't you think you could try to burn or I'll lose my brain (lose my brain)
Shane! Here's a wonderful thing that's not as edible! [echo]
[sinister organ tuning, operatic voice]
[glass breaking, screaming, high sustained screaming]
Are you going about far?
That pickets the fences, you'll remember him. (It's the cricket.)
I remember it well done, I was so busy. I don't know. There was a man badly burned.
There was a need, sir. (There was a need, sir.)
I'm running out of that place screaming blue murder (screaming blue murder) you would hardly expression this (would hardly expression this)
Where do you run? (we're trying to be fools.) Straight up the street in that soul rhythm. (Not this one.)
Straight anyway. (Now, now) Bobby.
Now that's very wet. (Now that's very wet.)
How do you feel? Is this a bit warm? (Is this a bit warm?)

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