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Artist (Band): C-Murder
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Mama How You Figure Lyrics

Cut ya speaka's up

Come check out that gutta music

Rough, Rugged, Raw Uncut

Where you at Los? (It's Murda)

Chorus 2x

Mama how you figure
I'm a nigga destined for pain
Ms. Peaches(You Ain't never gonna change)

Verse 1:

Up early in the mornin'
Runnin' out the crack house
The Grimm Reaper, tried to blow my back out
(You feel me)
Is there a Heaven for a Thug with Thug ways
I'm searchin' for some better days
Pappa was a Rollin' Stone, Pappa wasn't home
Me, moms and the kids stuck at home
I said f**k that, I'mma get paid
I'mma get me a ticket to the streets
And work my way to a Key
Make moves with Thugs
Make moves where niggas show me love
I'm from NEW ORLEANS, where we be ballin'
Listen to the lyrics boy
Some on the set tryin' to set me up and wet me up
But these days I be's like I don't give a f**k
We can all get buck, that's my mentallity
I'll bring you back to reality (Hey)
Keep it on the low-low
Pass me the dow-dow
Disrespect boy, that's a no-no
I see through you
You use to be TRU to
TRU to you but never TRU to TRU
Keep it real, guard yo grill
I do em' like Mike Vick
I'm on some Bout It, Bout It s**t
I got a rowdy, rowdy clique
I'm stuck in the game, deep in the game
Fuck Fame, I Aint Never Gone Change.

Chorus 2x

Mama how you figure
I'm a nigga destined for pain
Ms. Peaches(You Ain't never gonna change)

My future's gettin' dem
My chances gettin' slim
I'm steady rappin'
And they (steady attackin')
Will I forever be behind bars, Lookin' out the window
I'm thikin' bout my kinfolk
I'm in the Courthouse, Starin' at the D.A.
Lookin' for some leadway, lookin' for a free day
But the color of my skin, realy did me in
But I'm still proud
To be the black man standin' in the croud
I REPRESENT THAT,whom never resent that
You could put a needle in my arm
And life still goes on
I be's a TRU nigga, til' I'm dead
Even with the police and they money on my head
I be duckin' from the FED's
They be trippin' on my lady
Takin' pictures of my bed and the way I lay my head
Did you heard what I said?!
The game ain't the same no more
Nigga's done changed
Ya best friend a bust ya brains
Or they'll take a stand
To lessin' they charge boy
If that's ya fall partner
You gone fall partner
It's coo Playboy, I Feel Ya Pain
I'm still in chains
But they don't here me though....


Mama how you figure
I'm a nigga destined for pain
Ms. Peaches(You Ain't never gonna change)

Ms. Peaches

Somebody tell me why, why they wanna take my place
Cause he ain't never, never gonnna chaaannge...

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