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Artist (Band): I-20
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Lonely (Hidden Song Following The Difference) Lyrics

I found out
On a late night drive
In my winter coat
With my bloodshot eyes
Well my faith ain't been
No friend to me
And the way I sin
Is hanging off of me
And I'm sorry
Can't take me anywhere
Pretty soon we're almost there
Baby one more night
It's been a long long drive
And I'm way way tired
I don't need no backup plan

I said I don't want nobody
Nobody don't want me
I'm so sad, so lonely
I'm always landing on my feet

One more time
With a sad sad smile
And your white bread prince
In the circus lights
All the one-way rides
And the sweet beginners
Passing on the left-hand side
With a sideways smile
And I'm always
One step from stalling
Bad trips can make great stallers
Baby dance all night
With your ass on fire
And your hands up high
And feel me one more time


Well I learned to love myself
And I don't need no one else
And when a love moves on
'Cause it gets cold
Well then another moves it
And it can fill the hole
I'm one more hopeful lying
On the bedroom floor
No sense trying
When the whole thing drops
You lose your nerve

(Chorus 2x)

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------ Performed by I-20

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