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Artist (Band): C-Murder
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Lil Nigga Lyrics

[Master P]
Oh yeah
As I finally made my journey
A lil' bit stress free
I look back in the ghetto at all the lil' niggaz
That probably never make it out
You know the lil' niggas that gon' get caught up in the gun fights
Lil' niggas that trying to hustle
And lil' things that'll do anything to get it
You know what im saying

Chorus: repeat 4X

Just another lil' nigga, this one for my lil' niggas

[Master P]
He was only 14 but he stayed strapped
The lil' nigga, put his hood on the map
Any problems on the block the lil' nigga he would solve 'em
Anybody wanna weight somebody had to call him
The lil' nigga had the ghetto locked down like a rotweiller
Called him baby Tony MONTANA he had the money and the power
He's only 1 week from getting rich
But it's 4 days, 3 nights, 2 hours, and a minute from his death
showed his picture on the news with a mouth full of golds
And they showed the car with a couple of hoes
I couldn抰 believe what I seen my lil' niggas' dead
So I made this song for every ghetto nigga mislead


[Master P]
Everybody say...

Lil' niggas make the world go 'round
The juvenile is full of lil' niggas out of every town
And broken homes with no daddy be the first cause
My lil' homie doing time getting his nuts soft
And ghetto teams packing heat like its legal fool
And pull a G a week, nigga, so f**k school
And mama cry but she shouldn抰 let it worry her
Cause every kid can't be a mother f**king star
My nigga black steal a car in 10 seconds flat
Am I trigger happy cause i'm falling or peel your cap
My cousin rocks smoke weed 'til his mind gone
My homie killer facing life pushing heroine
All he wanna be is just a ghetto superstar
Who f**k b***hes, make money and drive cars
Now who's to blame for my homies getting they money quicker
This one here for my crazy ass lil' niggas

Chorus 4X

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------ Performed by C-Murder

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