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Artist (Band): INXS
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Light The Planet Lyrics

Mmm, ha ha, oh yeah, light it up

There's no love where there's no life
Where it's dark and we fuss and fight
We've gotta lighten up, we've gotta open up
Everybody gotta light the world up

Any man ain't that bad, neither is being sad
We gotta let it out, scream and shout
Letting go is what it's all about, still we guess

Mmm, ah yeah, mmm

Well it's time to give, be positive
Open up, then you can live
Just check your motive, make sure it's positive
In everything you do there must be love
Tear up your saxophone

Ha ha, who's gonna bring it down?
Mmm, gotta light it up, light that world, oh yeah

Here's the score, no more war
Just lots of love with open doors
To a higher realm where hate is sensitive
Remember open up and love one and all (yahoo!)
You know what I'm talkin' about
Just gotta lighten up for you all, oh lummm

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------ Performed by INXS

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