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Artist (Band): John P. Kee
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It Shall Be Lyrics

I shall never forget
All the things you’ve done for me
Through my faith I have received
All the things that I believe
Whatever you ask in my name and believe
It shall be seen

It shall be
It shall be
It shall be
Everything I decree

Repeat from top

Oh what a blessing it is
Just stand up on his word
My faith is strengthened each day
By the word that I have heard
(Choir) Whatever you ask in my name and believe
(Choir) It shall be seen


I had a vision and I seen it
I prayed and I believed it
And it’s mine (for the asking)
I praised and I shouted
I cried but I never doubted
It’s mine (for the asking)
I waited with my plea
You showed up with all of my needs (for the asking)
I fasted all night long
My harvest came before the break of dawn (for the asking)


I asked him with no fear and I believed my harvest was near
I got to get it (for the asking)
While some of you are waiting
You ought to be prayin’ in here
It’s already yours (for the asking)
It shall be (8 times)
I’m steppin’ out if I have to step out alone
It’s mine (for the asking)
The enemy can’t steal my blessing
And he can’t take my song (for the asking)
Claim it, decree it
Whatever you do, you’ve got to mean it
It’s already yours (for the asking)
No weapon formed against me
Can stand in the way of my destiny (for the asking)

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------ Performed by John P. Kee

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