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Artist (Band): Deitrick Haddon
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It All Belongs To You Lyrics

My heart
My mind
My soul
Belongs to you
My love
My life
It all belongs to you

Belongs to you
Belongs to you

My heart
My mind
My soul
Belongs to you
My love
My life
It all belongs to you

Belongs to you

The songs
We sing
They all belongs to you
The air
We breathe
It all belongs to you

Belongs to You

I surrender it all
I turn it all over
It all belongs to you

It all belongs to you

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Review about It All Belongs To You

WONDERFULL | Reviewer: Alo Ayopo | 02/03/11

This song is an inspirational song, a song that re-dedicates one to God telling Him that IT ALL BELONGS TO HIM.

It all belongs to you | Reviewer: lakisha brown | 07/20/11

This is a very nice song,when i firts heard it i fell in love with it.yes it does belong all to GOD. I have learnd to turn it all over to him.their is nothing to hard for the LORD.Keep on inspireing people with your lyrics. God bless your ministry.

God it belong to u | Reviewer: Godwin micheal | 08/06/11

i love is song very much, i can listen to it as much as my battary can take i love it. It as help me i lost. I need more song like this it keep me in God. It makes me know that God makes it all

it all belongs to you | Reviewer: mpho nzama | 09/20/11

it is jus perfect oh how i luv it, may the heavenly father bless u.

it all belongs to you alone | Reviewer: charlie | 09/27/11

Dis song is evry touchin,it has healed my broken heart.....

It All Belongs To You | Reviewer: Taiwo Modupe | 10/07/11

I really love this song.It's a soul lifting song.

It all belongs to you | Reviewer: Idowu Titilayo | 10/22/11

I fell in love with the song the first time I heard it. All we have really belongs to the Almighty, God bless you Deitrick.

it all belong to you | Reviewer: patience Jeremiah | 10/25/11

what an inspirational song, The first day i heard it, i felt in love with the song,
and this song has made me remembered that my life, my soul and all i have they all belongs to God. please thank you so much God bless your ministry. I need more of this song.

I just can't explain how i feel when ever i hear this song.... | Reviewer: Richard | 10/31/11

U done a great job bro..... Keep it up.... Surely it all belongs to you n unto you alone....

it all belongs to you | Reviewer: angel adelusi | 11/18/11

I cant stop listening to this wounderful song.

I BLESS GOG FOR THE COMPOSER | Reviewer: TARI | 11/24/11


love | Reviewer: paulina lubrin | 01/03/12


It All Belongs To You | Reviewer: nathy chuzy | 01/11/12

this song is so inspirational....that any time im down and i sing it, my spirit is lifted. God bless you

inspirational song | Reviewer: sandra | 02/03/12

this song is very nice.the first time l heard it l was touched,it moves my spirits everytime l listen to it.lm just in love with the song because surely all belongs to u .
May the Good Lord bless you

it all belongs to you --- preformed by deitrick haddon | Reviewer: Danivery | 02/05/12

it such a wonderful song, i love it so much it made me understand that everything i have all belong to him.

This song is the Heart-beat of God. | Reviewer: Eric Imandi | 02/20/12

We brought nothing to this world and we shall return empty.Therefore, every resource we have should be used to advance the Kingdom of God. God bless you, brother.

I true blong 2 GOD | Reviewer: Moret | 03/19/12

God bles n inspire d composer d more n evrybody dat contributed 2 it

Wonderful | Reviewer: AKAJIONU BENJAMIN | 03/25/12

I thank God for such a song. It has thought me were i belong.

Nyc. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 03/29/12

I play the key board and I love playing this song, so so much.

Belongs to u | Reviewer: Efenedo Emmanuel | 04/12/12

This song has be one of the secret of giving God thanks. This song has be one of my best song. May God bless u.

I'm soaring in my spirit. "IT ALL BELONGS TO GOD" | Reviewer: Israel Joseph | 04/20/12

This song is realy a 'GOD CAME DOWN' song. My soul, my heart, my mind and spirit's just been re-directed to God. Keep the good works rolling man. Detrick Haddon, i am the witness.

It all belongs 2 u | Reviewer: Omowummy | 04/26/12

I love dat song..........God bless u deitrick

It all Belong to you | Reviewer: Mercy Markus Sadiq | 05/04/12

I love this song with passion,each time i listen to this song i feel i have arrived,i wish i can sing with zeal like that,but i believe one day i will be like that.

It all belongs to you - Deitrick Haddon | Reviewer: Leo Pawandiwa | 05/24/12

I cant get tired of repeating it. It establishes my connection to God. It reminds me HE is the I AM, HE owns everything and everyone.

My life Belongs to GOD | Reviewer: Oluwatoyin Idowu | 05/28/12

I the first time I heard the song I fell in Love with the rythem.Then when I paid attention to the lyric I discovered how strong those words were...The Children had a ministration in church yeaterday and they sang this song,It touched me like I never heard it before and I was in tears...Really it will be a big flaw to anyone who hasn't realised that what we are and have including our pain BELONGS TO GOD.

It all belongs to you | Reviewer: Ikekhua Orukpe Shedrack | 06/04/12

It's a song with d presence of God. It has the power to change you and make you see reason to worship God and to show that God is awesome. This song has transformed lives even mine own life. It shows to you that you have nothing in your life to claim as yours but everything intotal belongs to him. God bless you

It All Belongs to God. | Reviewer: Akinsiku Oluwaseun Joy | 07/13/12

Verily, Verily It all belongs to U (GOD). Everything that we're, Every activities we engage ourselves in, It all belongs to Him. Spiritually, this song moves me.

U did it Deitrick | Reviewer: Olowoleye omowumi sparkle princess | 07/14/12

The 1st time i listened 2 dis song i did not get it buh wen i repeated it i was crying because i realise it all belongs 2 u mai spirit,heart,soul n mind get lifted anityme i hear d song.Deitrick u did it.

It all belong to you | Reviewer: Enenche Peace | 07/22/12

Oh yes it's a very lovely song. & all we have is made by Him, therefore all we have belongs to God. Amen

Indeed all i have, every thing including my life, all belongs to God. | Reviewer: Komms ebri | 08/16/12

All that i have, all that i am Lord i give it all over again, i surrender my life to u once again, thank u Lord for accepting me, cos i belong to u. Thanks to you & God bless.

It all belongs to you. | Reviewer: Enock | 08/27/12

Indeed, It all belongs to God. There can never be an truth greater than this. Whether p'ple realise this or not, this fact remains, and should not be doubted! It all belongs to God. How i wish everyone would embrace this reality

Inspiring-"It All Belongs To You" | Reviewer: Queen Qreestea | 08/28/12

Indeed all dat we are and all dat we av all belongs to "U".Dis song keeps me alwaz in d presence of GOD.I love dis song.It gives me d inspiration dat all i am belongs 2 "U".GOD bless U.

indeed it belongs to the lord | Reviewer: erastus | 08/30/12

really feel his presence in my life when listening to this song.

My everything belongs to YOU.... | Reviewer: Damidami Miracle | 09/11/12

Anything committed to God is safe. Its wonderful

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