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Artist (Band): Lynne Calloway
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I See Jesus Lyrics

Verse I
Good things come in their time
Had your life, I had mine
God always had a plan
That we'd fall in love
With each other
Grab my coat,
Grab my hat,
Start the car, don't look back
Thought it wouldn't happen for me
But the Lord heard my plea
When He united you and me

When I look at you I see Jesus
When I look at you
When I look at you I see Him
When I look at you I see Jesus

Verse II
Our holy union He's blessed
Showed His love and kindness
The Lord is everywhere
And I see Him in you
In your eyes and in your smile
We've been running this race
The Lord has shown us this place
We had to go through the storm
To arrive in this calm
And it's only just begun


Verse III
Getting on with our lives
God helped to win this fight
Things always work out
The way that He planned
Life happens that way
Even though we both made mistakes
God still is kind in His grace
With God I know we'll survive
And leave all the hurt we left

Verse IV
I can't get lost in the wind
Mess up and blow it again
Wish I knew now way back when
How God makes a difference
Love is growing in you and me
God's ever present beauty
His awesomeness and His love
Has set us both free
I see God in all good things

Chorus (2xs)

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------ Performed by Lynne Calloway

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