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Artist (Band): Acappella
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Hush Lyrics

God is standing by
So hush, don't you worry
Don't cry
God is standing by
So hush, don't you worry
Don't cry

Repeat Chorus

And when troubles come
Don't cry, no don't cry
When all your dreams
And would be fortunes pass you by
And when there is heartache
So many trials and life's unclear
Just look up toward heaven
There's a God and He's standing near

Repeat Chorus

And when there is parting
All your friends and loved ones leave you
And you hurt so bad
You feel you just don't know what to do
And if you're wondering if there's anybody who
Really cares
Let me assure you, that there's a God
And He'll be right there

Repeat Chorus (x2)

So hush, don't you worry
Don't cry

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