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Artist (Band): Alathea
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Hike To Maine Lyrics

Gonna hike up to Maine
Along the spine of the Appalachians
Gonna end up where the snow meets the sea
The snow is beckoning me

No measure of water could quench this fire
No mountain will get in my way
I'm gonna hike to Maine

Gonna live my life like everyday is the trail
Gonna prance along the ridges
And wait out the storms in the shelter cause I know
There's gonna be rough weather

No measure of rain will dry up my heart
No cloud will make me stay
I'm gonna hike to Maine

We're singing yeah
One step at a time

Gonna plant my feet forward
And vow not to ever look back with regret
Cause there is nothing that I can't do
Looking up and beyond myself
The weight of failure won't weight down my pack
I'll just take what I learn on the way
I'm gonna hike to Maine

When my tired bones need to stop and sit
I will rest my weary head on my walking stick

This trial is not made of dreams I will never taste
Life is so sweet
I ate a bunch of berries while I walked today
Tonight the stars will be my tent
The sun will call me to wake
I'm gonna hike to Maine


About this Song:
We live four miles from the Appalachian Trail, which is a footpath that extends from Georgia to Maine and crosses our road at Iron Mountain Gap. When we're home, we spend lots of time on a small section of it, running, hiking, and walking the dog. But some people hike the entire trail in a few months --seems pretty impossible, but then, life does too, sometimes.

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