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Artist (Band): Prince
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Glass Cutter Lyrics

This is a story about a One and Only mother,
There never was before, and there'll never be another,
Heck-a motor scooter… so fine U wanna shoot her,
Dressed like butter, hold a Cup-a Glass Cutter

Glass Cutter

Ohhh… yeah!

This is a jam about a purple fantasy
Every man knows this how it's supposed to be
So sharp, make a brother heart go flutter
Dress holding on to a Cup-a Glass Cutter

Mmm…Glass Cutter


It’s about as hard as Arabian math
Water drops dripping when you taking a bath
the towel unravel and it looks like gravel
all a brother can do is just laugh… (ugh!)

But under his breath, he gonna mutter,
But under his breath, he gonna mutter,
But under his breath, he gonna mutter…
Baby, got a Cup-a Glass Cutter.


This about a mother got a brother sprung,
I looked up the word heaven… saw a picture of her tongue,
If she was a song, she'd be sung.

Sit around and I'll be a singer, so I can bring her -
parmesan, cheddar, cheese... please.
U better believe she gets what she wants,
'cause I want just what she got.

I'm a new car, and she's a lot… a whole lot o' woman!


Girl got a case of 2 Fine
She got it bad… and that's good.
I’m gonna tell her 2 her face… (gonna tell her 2 her face)
'cause another brother would…
when a mother make a brother heart go flutter.

Dressed like butter,
Cup-a Glass cutter
Dressed like butter,
Cup-a Glass cutter

U make my heart go flutter,
Cup-a Glass Cutter
U make my heart go flutter...
Glass Cutter.

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------ Performed by Prince

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