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Artist (Band): Kevin Davidson
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Fight On Lyrics

In this walk we face many battles.
But they're not yours, they belong to the Lord.
Put on the armor of God
Delight yourself in his word.

Don't give up the fight.
It's too late to give up now.
Don't give up the fight.

So be encourage my brother.
Hold on my sister.
There's a way of escape for you and for me.
Be strong, stand on his word.
God has promised to fight everyone of your battles.

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The war was won by Jesus on a hill called Calvary
Where hegave his live for you and me.
Dry your eyes, dont you cry.
Everything, is gonna be alright.
now weeping may endure for a night
but hoild on, joy is coming in the morning time.

Fight on (Fight on)
Fight on (Fight on)
Fight on (Fight on)
Fight on (Fight on)
Fight through the rain. (Fight on)
Fight through the pain. (Fight on)
Fight when you're up. (Fight on)
Fight when you're down. (Fight on)
Fight through your tears. (Fight on)
Press through those fears. (Fight on)
We've already won the battle. (Fight on)
You've got to fight on. (Fight on)
We wrestle not against flesh and blood. (Fight on)
But against spiritual wickedness. (Fight on)
In high places, hey but that's alright. (Fight on)
That's alright, we've already won. (Fight on)
The Lord is walking by your side. (Fight on)
Everything is alright. (Fight on)
Fight on. (Fi-i-ight on. Oh - oh)

God is with us (Fight on)
God is with us (Fight on)
You've got to fight on, fight on, fight on (Fi-i-ight on. Oh -oh)
Fight on (Fight on)
Fight on (Fight on)
Fight on (Fight on)

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------ Performed by Kevin Davidson

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