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Artist (Band): Prince
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Escape Lyrics


Snare drum pounds on the 2 and 4
All the party people get on the floor {x2}

{crowd noise} {sampled throughout song}
Glam Slam - Escape! (Glam Slam)

Glam Slam - free yo' mind from this rat race
Glam Slam - Escape!

15 minutes ain't long enough
2 be out yo' mind in a world so tough
If U wanna escape and truly be
All the crack in Compton won't set U free
Come on


U got 2 be yourself, U got 2 be aware
Cuz the Gangster Man - hmm, he don't give a care (Don't care)
Whether U live or whether U die
Glam Slam Escape, gotta give it a try, come on (Ooh!)


(Party baby) {x8}
(Where did I hear that before?)

Glam Slam - Escape!
Everybody trippin' on the party bass
However high U get is a matter of taste (Party baby, party baby)
Winner takes all in the hardest race (Yes it does)
Don't get on the scale if U ain't got the weight
It's more hard 2 love than it is 2 hate
Say it!
It's more hard 2 love than it is 2 hate
Come on
It's more hard 2 love than it is 2 hate
It's more hard 2 love than it is 2 hate
One more
More hard 2 love than it is 2 hate

Glam Slam

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------ Performed by Prince

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