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Artist (Band): Prince
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Do Me, Baby Lyrics

Here we are in this big ol'empty room
Staring each other down
U want me just as much as I want U
Let's stop fooling around
Take me baby, kiss me all over
Play with my love
Bring out what's been in me far 2 long baby you know
That's all I've been dreaming of
Do me, baby, uh, like U... never done before
Ooh, give it 2 me till I just can't take no more
Come on and do me baby like you never done before
Ooh, I just can't wait no more I can't wait oh!
oooh ooh I need your love yea yea oh!

Here we are looking for a reason
For you to lay me down
For a love like ours is never out of season
So baby please stop teasing me
Ooooh, what you do
I can never love no other
Your the best I ever had oooh ooh
Whenever we're not close to one another
I just want you so bad soooo! do

Do me baby like you never done before
No no, ooh give it to me til I just can't take no more
Come on do me baby
Like you never done before noo, oooh I want you know,I just can't just
Oooh I want you now I just can't wait no more

I say oooh, oooh, oooh,oooooooooooh, yea do
Do me baby honey yea oooh, oh oh oh oh

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------ Performed by Prince

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