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Artist (Band): Lloyd
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Day In The Life Lyrics

Umm umm oh I love what you do and I love what you doing to me girl
Yeah yeah yeahhh

[Verse 1: Lloyd]
Check it out
Lately I been hearing that you alone yeah you finally quit him on your now so I'm wishing that
You would come to me and play the pistion be in my world oh baby girl you know that you got the part without the
Audition cause you know that you the right type that I been missing I need you in my life oh yeah

I just want you to understand the kind of love I got kind of man I'm I just need to hold you
Baby let me show you (you) ain't gone worth of nothing let me introduce you to a day in the life, a day in the life, a day in the life
If beening my girl come let me in joy you treat you like a queen a spoil you can nobody love you better when you with me forever
Never wanna go a day in the life, a day in the life, a day in the life of been my girl baby come experience what it like in my world
Can nobody can love you better when you with me forever never wanna go never wanna you don't wanna go

[Verse 2: Lloyd]
If your body is causing problems just let me touch on it I bet I can solve them all I listen to your wispering
Say what you like cause all I need is permission to you there on a get away welcome to my world baby it's your day
I'm about you in a real inmagine a life time baby this is your first taste oh yeah


[Verse 3: Lloyd]
Oh baby girl yeah you know that I be giving you the utlc I'm diggin on you you diggin on me ohhhh and your my queen so come with me yeah
So you can the life live and want you to be right beside me ohhhhh baby girl I'm talking about forever let's start by spending the day together

[Chorus x4]

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------ Performed by Lloyd

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