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Artist (Band): Waking Ashland
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Counting The Stars Lyrics

Please tell me your for real
Because I don't want to bleed no more
As the night fades away
I'm dreaming of you
Please tell me you feel something
Because what I feel is ecstasy
Oh shame on you
You cast your spell on me

La da da da
The stars align for you and I tonight
La da da da
I need you in my life
La da da da
The stars align for you and I tonight
La da da da
I'll take that as a sign

I'm so unprepared
But you don't seem to care
I'm hardly a man
But here I am
I'm not sure what you see
Because what I am is disaster
Spring you came so early
Shine down on me

So hold on to me
(caught up in the moment)
Because I don't want to lose you
(I think I'm crazy)
I don't want to become a memory
(ring around the roses she has me blushing)
So hold on to me
You're a million miles away
But I am still the same as yesterday

I need you
I miss you

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