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Artist (Band): Alathea
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Broken Down Lyrics

I will come to You if You don't mind this mess
Cause I have brusehd up my act, but I'm still an
Orphan in rags trying to look her best

There's been talk all over town about the One who fixes the broken down

I will come to You if You don't mind my unfaithfulness
Cause I have put my hand to the plow, but my spirit was barely in it

There's been talk all in these parts about the One who warms the coldest hearts

I will come to You if You don't mind my sorrow
Cause I have planted rows and rows,
But my sweat and tears won't make 'em grow

They're even talkin' on the farms about the One who gathers us in His arms

He gathers us in His arms
So I will come to You if what they're sayin' is really true
Cause I have heard of blind that see, lame who walk, so can You mend me?

I will gather all my stuff and bring it to the feet of Jesus... Jesus
I will rise and go to Jesus--He won't mind my mess.

About this Song:
People ask us, "So you're from East Tennessee, do you have a refrigerator on your front porch?" We say, "Well, maybe." We've actually decided that it's a pretty smart idea put all your broken stuff out on the porch, and just maybe someone will come by and fix it. And maybe we shouldn't stop there but put the broken things in our heart out, so when the Healer comes through town, He'll know to stop by. When Jesus was here on earth, people went even further they carried the sick into the marketplaces or wherever He was. "And all who touched him were healed."

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