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Artist (Band): Wet Wet Wet
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Brand New Sunrise Lyrics

City wins another fight
To take the day into the nite
My shadows been around for too long
Daylight understands me, the part that's not alone
Hide 'n' seek they try to be discreet
Moonlight walks with me, sunset talks to me
But all I want from you is a brand new sunrise
Silently keeping what they are keeping
Moonclouds are flocking, streetlamps mockin'
Time to work it out somehow
But the day whispers someone
The nite moves so slowly
He won't take it out on his head
Nite walks away with the summer
Day gives into the fall
Moonlite walks with me
Sunset talks to me
But all I want from you is a brand new sunrise

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------ Performed by Wet Wet Wet

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