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Artist (Band): K-OS
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Black Ice Lyrics

Sometimes the way we look at life can be too serious
Cuz were dancin by the pale moon light
I wake up in the morning and I feel delerious
Cuz of something that I did last night
But then the neighbor came on to me
She said that life is more than we see
You've got to be the change that should be
So don't die, just try....
Were just some fool with the lights on
Hopin your coming too
And turning up the mood
I play it cool till the night is over
When are you comin back
To save this heart of mine
Time to take it slow
Black ice, white snow
What if the truth is we don't really know
If so then life is a mystery
this could be then end of all history
but wait the sun rises in the east
And the world still spins 360 degrees on its axis
This intergalactic practice
of rhymin, proves there's no beginning or ending of timing, and it's been a long haul
we've watched like the sun to get your back off wall
People in the party in the light game show
once again we dummin down to ease off the globe
What's the definition of this thing called black
I had a preminition 18 way back
That black is the color of the universe from whence we came
I wonder if my soul is on ice again
Who put the lights on? Hopin your're comin too
And turnin up the mood
I play it cool till the night is over
When are you comin back
to save this heart of mine

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