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Artist (Band): INXS
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Ashtar Speaks Lyrics

Would like you to just be tad of a bit?
About the games that we are looking in
The ever genes that aren't coming through now
To all of you in this planet apart
Extremely comfortable
It has got to be rather difficult for you to maintain
For a limited perspective Scottish walker
Even after meditating or weakening
Growing with your husband, crop lifting
Recently we're all processing momentarily
And he's able to crunch our points, uninteresting
Because the entire absence of four beams make the plants warmer
And what will remain is you
As a center beam, harmless, virtual, or massive
Harmless, too, come to the composition of old redwood plants
To our de-scurrying of liberational possession of process
And to return to your resource, to hunch back now
Like bodies in Jordan, or herein bodies that are reading closer...
Waiting for the buried nation in the bottomless carnations
Handling you for Mr. Penlyte(?) while you do your work here
Very dimensional, plain, non-resisting...
I have been working the conjunctive work of Christ
I've worked the assentive masters
I've worked the action about commanding the expert to us the real offended masters
Of who I am the commander
For many thousands of years, and age we have watched
In Europe, there are flight times in many ages we have this to secure
Trying to bring forth the victory of fighter punches that's on this world
We are hearing great numbers to access to your plant
We have been there for a long time
We have been working for the assentive masters, the great white hope
Or does he required after you're less? Truly that opened fire
I think that she'll love that first
When you had that and that when we were some kind others

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