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Artist (Band): Emery
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As Your Voice Fades Lyrics

Somebody please tell me
What am I suppose to do
You died and I'm here
Thinking that I hear your voice,
But it's somebody else
It's always somebody else
Why did you die?
Don't leave me please
I beg you God tonight bring me peace
I'll never sleep without the dreams of you alive here with me
The brightness left your eyes
As I held your face
Don't tell me it's the right time
And your last words will sustain me
Until my end...until I see you again
While words (your life) evade me (but a moment)
I'll wait to (i'll cling to) remember you (forever)
And what you had (your words) meant to me (on my blood)
Could never be forgotten
The chains (why) of death (don't take)
Are falling (away), but my heart still bleeds
It longs for (why) the day (did you die)
When we will be as one

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------ Performed by Emery

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