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Artist (Band): Oblivion Dust
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Again Lyrics

(You did)
Call my name, call me all of the time
Another way to pollute the air around me sweetly... say something
Feed me lies, feed me all of your lies
I never notice, I never ever really had to... baby...

Please don't you let go
'Cause I can't hold on my own
Please don't you let go
I'm trying... I'm trying

Sing a song, sing it all out of tune
It's hard to listen to a voice that doesn't reach me lately
The touch you give me with your sympathy gaze
So hard to feel when I don't know who you're feeling for
Don't know who you're feeling
Don't know who you're feeling

You're breaking me
You're breaking me again
You're breaking me
You're breaking me again

Close the door to what you have said
Close the door to all that you did

For what it's worth
You're all that I had
You're all that I'm needing now... again
You know you can't make me forget
That you're breaking me again now

You're breaking me again now
When I'm needing you
I'm still wanting you
Just keep hoping you'll feel
The things that I want you to do
But I can't be what you wanted
I can't be what you want me to be

You get me low today
You get me low with what you did
You did, you did...

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------ Performed by Oblivion Dust

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