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Shania Twain
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Yes, Shania Twain is Still the One. Shania is one of those extremely few artists that seem to cross all genres � an attestment to the power of her voice and music lyrics. Starting off as a country music artist, her music has crossed over that border and she has won numerous awards in both the country and pop music worlds.

Is it any wonder then that Shania Twain has been proclaimed by Soundscan as the Top Selling Artist of the Past Ten Years?

As she writes most of her music, one can see a reflection of the woman in her song lyrics. In fact, Shania is often quoted as saying "Songwriting is my favorite part of what I do. I like to give every song its own personality and attitude and to sing each one in its own style."

Indeed, Shania is said to have changed the writing and recording (and chart sales!) industries by coming up with such in-your-face music lyrics compositions.

Part of Shania�s charisma is her being the epitome of that great big American dream. Ok, NORTH American dream. Shania was born in Ontario, Canada where she was early on subjected to performing on stage to help the family financially. At the age of 8, she was often woken up at 1 AM to sing with the house band at a local club after they stopped serving liquor to patrons. Food may have been scarce but music was abundant and Shania grew up to singing and writing her own song lyrics. At the age of 21, however, her parents died in an automobile accident and she was then left to stand as both sister and mother to the rest of her three siblings. A dream was put on hold but not for long. Her siblings grew up and found their own wings and left the nest. And this time, Shania � the Ojibway name for "I�m on my way" � was set to conquer the recording world!

Her first album, "Shania Twain", carried only one of her original song lyrics and performed well but it was her second album, "The Woman in Me", that REALLY featured Shania Twain lyrics and became the best selling country album of all time by a female artist! The rest as they say is history...

So, what are you waiting for? Get a piece of the Shania mania and check out a collection of free song lyrics from this multi-talented songstress!

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