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Metallica lyrics from A to Z and more are here for you...

Bang that head that doesn't bang!

Think Metallica song lyrics and you envision a sea of screaming, head banging and fist-pumping die-hard heavy metal fans.

Oddly enough, Metallica is considered the 'band of the people'. This is because music fans all over the world appreciated the fact that band looked and talked as if they were from the street.

Metallica was born in the early 1980's in Los Angeles, CA, when Lars Ulrich (drums) and James Hetfield (guitar/vocals) after each of them placed an ad in The Recylcer for fellow musicians. The group's 1983 debut album "Kill 'Em All" sold over 300,000 copies and signaled the start of the legitimacy of heavy metal's underground, igniting a new depth to thrash metal. In fact it is often said that Metallica's music lyrics put thrash metal on the map.

Metallica made another breakthrough with the release of "Master of Puppets" in 1986. This, however, was followed by the tragic death of Cliff Burton (bass) when the group's tour bus figured in an accident.

Metallica, moving on, then released And Justice for All in 1988 which hit the Top Ten solely by the support of their fans as the album received hardly any radio play or MTV support. Still, the best was till to come.

The group released "Metallica" in 1991 and it quickly became #1 with over seven million copies sold in the U.S. alone!

"Load" was released in 1996 to an eagerly awaiting audience who was surprised by the change in Metallica's image from thrash metal to alternative rock. Still, the album was a hit entering the charts at #1 and selling over three million copies within two months of its release.

Why don't you get a load of Metallica lyrics and figure out if you prefer the band's old or new style? We've got free Metallica song lyrics just waiting for you. No need to bang the keyboard, a few clicks will do...

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its just band which gives the sesnsation of the head bang. | Reviewer: nirmal niroula | 04/30/09

metallica is only the band which gives the sensation of the rock .which consist of all tye rock songs .....................

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