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Limp Bizkit
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Limp Bizkit is equal to LOUD music lyrics.

The Florida band was born in 1994 when lead singer Fred Durst and friend bassist Sam Rivers decided to start a band. But it wasn't after they got the interest of Korn and their producer that they would get notice from major record labels. Limp Bizkit ultimately chose Flip Records, which was affiliated with a major label, Interscope.

When Limp Bizkit unleashed to the world a hysterical screaming version of George Michael's pop hit Faith in their debut album Three Dollar Bill, Y'all, it was quickly picked up by MTV. The song lyrics of 'Faith' vaulted them fast into the limelight.

They toured constantly to further fan the flames of hype and they became one of the most notorious bands in the rap-core arena.

If others thought this bands was loud, Limp Bizkit's highly anticipated sophomore offering, Significant Other, REALLY gave birth to loud music lyrics, featuring hits such as the popular Nookie.

Despite the success, however, controversy dogged the band following their performance at Woodstock '99.

Lead singer Fred was heavily criticized for inciting the crowd to riot and to break stuff.

Profuse profanity, wild escapades, and periodic bickering with tour mates seem to be the stuff of this Florida band, but it has certainly kept them at the top of the rap-core music scene.

The band, through it all, has remained one of the hottest acts in the rap-hardcore scene, especially with 2000's Chocolate Starfish & The Hotdog Flavored Water and 2001's remix album New Old Songs.

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