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Lee Williams
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Lee Williams Lyrics

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Review about Lee Williams

ABOUT LEE WMS. & THE SPIRITIAL Q. C.'S | Reviewer: Joyce Reliford | 08/26/09

Mr. Lee Williams and The Spiritual Q. C.'s are one of the most outstanding Gospel Music Quartets in this country!!! They sing under such a strong Spiritual Anointing that the crowd can feel it!! Here in Northwest LA we LOVE and ADMIRE this blessed group!!


Lee Williams and The Spiritual Q.C's ARE one of the BEST ANOINTING GOSPELS SINGERS. When I feeling down and almost at my lowest, I put in their ANOINTING MUSIC and I am LIFTED HIGH!! PRAISE GOD!
The people in Tyler, Tx LOVE YOU!!!!!

Lee Williams and the Spritual QC's | Reviewer: Joyce Latson | 10/15/10

Mr. Lee Williams, I just want you all to know that your music is a blessing to me and a lot of others. Your music is so uplifting and encouraging. Please don't stop praising the lord through songs. I hope you all make it to orlando florida in the near future. Hope to see you soon. God Bless!!!

Glade to be here!!! | Reviewer: Terry Martin | 12/08/10

I love the Lord!!!!!!

Lee Williams & The QC`S | Reviewer: Lev Mister | 12/13/10

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