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Italian lyrics for songs of Andrea Bocelli, Eros Ramazzotti, Zucchero and other famous Italian artists...

... you are staying over for a long weekend at your villa, looking out at the magnificent view from your terrace. And then you close your eyes and breathe deeply because behind you, you hear the fading song lyrics of 'Con te partiro'.

Ok, you may not have a villa or any such magnificent view but the soothing power of Italian music lyrics is enough to transport you to that exciting world of romance that Italian songs are just known for.

Italian music is actually very varied. It produces various melodies starting from the Italian folk music of the olden days to the now popular rock, pop and hip hop.

Of course, there is 'A cappella' which has its roots in Sicily. True to its literal translation (it is Italian for 'like the chapel') 'A cappella' is a music style originally only heard in church. This of course has long changed with popular recording artists such as Bobby McFerrin and Boyz II Men adopting this style for their music lyrics.

But of all of Italy's musical contributions, none is more powerful or popular than Italian opera music lyrics. These songs posses the power to bring you to your knees with sadness or make you feel so alive that you want to burst. It is also this type of music that further enhances Italian music's romantic reputation.

The great Enrico Caruso started this all with his first ever gramophone recording in Milan, Italy in 1903. Since then, opera singing has gone from strength to strength with modern day troubadours such as Lucianno Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli.

Romance outside the opera house? But of course. Didn't (nearly) all women fall for Italian crooner Frank Sinatra? He conquered the world with songs like "I'll Be Seeing You", "I'll Never Smile Again" and of course "My Way" and earned the reputation of being the 'most popular singer of all time'.

Forget the villa and the splendid view. There is even no need for opera tickets. Just DOWNLOAD NOW for your share of romance by going through our links of free Italian song lyrics. And don't worry about pop-ups destroying your mood for romance because that does not happen here at You simply search, find and enjoy your favorite Italian song lyrics in a snap!

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