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Artist (Band): Eamon
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From unassuming Staten Island comes a cool R&B singer, with a smooth voice that spews out hateful expletives by the buckets.

If you have ever been cheated on and you listen to street R&B, chances are you've already heard about Eamon. Such was his explosive appearance with the 2003 hit smash, F**k It [I Don't Want You Back]. The song, the music lyrics of which were about a two-timing girlfriend (ouch!), immediately became an instant hit. Radio stations were flooded with requests for the song and people were searching all over for the music lyrics.

While some may call him an overnight sensation, or even predict that he will be a one-hit wonder, such won't likely be the case. Eamon has been on stage since he was 9 years old, performing with his father Walter's highly successful Doo Wop group. With experience in performing at Madison Square Garden in New York City and the New Jersey Meadowlands, he is definitely a veteran performer.

He was 15 and working in the studio when he met writer and producer Milk Dee. Having been involved with projects that include MC Lyte, Janet Jackson, Mary J. Blige, Jason Downs, Ad Rock and Sinead O'Connor, Milk knows talent when he sees one. When Eamon and Milk collaborated, together with co-producer Mark Passy, the result was a polished street R&B sound that gave audiences a wild ride.

The record label Jive seized the moment and quickly produced a video for F**k It and scheduled a full-length album. When the record debuted, Eamon was given more freedom to display his spiteful song lyrics and street-flavored R&B impressions.

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